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Young woman sitting on couch with therapist

At Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC, we are proud to offer quality counseling to Albuquerque residents in-person and across the state of New Mexico via online video chat. Our dedicated team of well-trained licensed clinicians ready to help you address challenges with mental health and/or addictions in a unique and personalized way.

Our primary focus is your well-being, that’s why we offer comprehensive mental health services. Not only do we assist and support you with anxiety, depression, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance abuse, but we also offer Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Medically Assisted Treatment, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, a Treat-First program, Comprehensive Community Support Services, and a Sex Offender Treatment Program.


Addressing mental health related issues is important, because they can affect the entire body, interfering with all aspects of our lives. With years of experience talking to patients and understanding their condition, our clinicians aim to help clients understand their behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, identify stressors, and teach them healthy problem-solving techniques using evidence-based interventions and clinically sound practices. 

We provide holistic treatment by working alongside other medical professionals to ensure you get the best and most effective treatment solutions. The best outcomes are often driven by a combination of interventions both therapeutic and medical.

Pinwheel’s team is well versed in integrative care. Aside from helping you overcome various mental issues and substance abuse, our counselors take the time to help clients develop goals and a more personalized treatment plan.

If you find yourself struggling, you are not alone, and Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC has a vast network of clinicians to address your therapy needs.

We also provide virtual services statewide. Our friendly counselors are qualified, licensed, and have the tools and techniques to effectively approach your condition while building a meaningful rapport with you. Please get in touch with us today and schedule an initial consultation. It’s time to begin your mental wellness journey the right way!

Emotional or mental distress can be overwhelming and take a toll on your general well-being.

Using modern therapeutic techniques, we can help you manage mental health conditions. Before leaving our healing center, we ensure that you are equipped with personalized, healthy coping strategies or self-help techniques to work out solutions on your own in the future. Our team specializes in different areas, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met with utmost professionalism.