Comprehensive Community Support Services

These services are offered to people with Medicaid coverage who need support in functional domain areas. This is a skill building program that assists in areas including socialization, recreation, independent living, education, and vocation.

Community Support Workers (CSWs) work in the home, community, and office. They access resources to support your success extending beyond Pinwheel’s therapeutic environment, into your community. Creating life goals, and motivation for change includes making choices that lead to lasting progress. Mental health and addiction challenges are an aspect of the whole that can impact all areas of life. CCSS is an invaluable service to support you in rebuilding and identifying life goals important to you! 

Treatment is about identifying social determinants impacting your ability to get well. Our environments matter! We are here to help you identify short and long term goals that will support you holistically, in everyday life, while integrating the skills, and strategies to promote long-term stability, connection, and self-worth.

CCSS services are geared to provide comprehensive care, improve well-being, aid in goal attainment, and support quality of life.

People working together in a Community Garden

If you find yourself struggling, you are not alone.

Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC offers virtual counseling services statewide and has a vast network of clinicians to address your therapy needs. Our counselors are qualified and have the tools and techniques to effectively approach a person’s condition while building a meaningful rapport with them. Please get in touch with us today and schedule an initial consultation. It’s time to begin your mental wellness journey the right way!