Depression Treatment in New Mexico

Man sitting on the floor in a dark room

Depression profoundly impacts a person’s well-being, regardless of age, occupation, or gender. We believe in early detection, intervention, and personalized treatment for effective remission and reducing emotional and mental burdens. 

At Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC, we have the most experienced and qualified therapists, who provide exceptional depression treatment.

We leverage modern treatment techniques to help you manage symptoms of ​depression and ​promote strength and resiliency. The standard of​care for depression consists of psychotherapy, antidepressant medication, or a combination of both. Our professional therapists recommend interventions at prevention, intervention, and maintenance stages to help increase the chances of achieving full recovery and living a more relaxed life free of depressive symptoms.

Treating depression is a process that involves dedication and commitment, and that’s exactly what you get with our team of therapists. We believe in a holistic approach to depression. We provide an open, accessible space to support you and your needs and recommend accessing treatment services before symptoms are severe to prevent any risks associated with depression. 

Reaching out for help can be the hardest and most rewarding thing you do, and at Pinwheel we are trained to support you in a non-judgmental way through this process. 

We also recommend maintenance strategies. When you reach your emotional stabilization and life goals identified in treatment, we want you to keep going!

Continued treatment is vital in the long-term management of depression. Our expert clinicians are with you until you achieve optimal mental, emotional, and physical wellness. We work alongside other medical professionals to guarantee our clients top-notch treatment and tolerable dose levels of antidepressant prescription.

Failure to address depressive symptoms early can lead to further deterioration of a person’s general well-being. 

The depression treatment we’re able to offer includes in-person therapy, online video therapy that can be offered to clients across New Mexico, and medication management should antidepressants be deemed helpful.

If you find yourself struggling, you are not alone.

Reach out today and schedule an initial consultation with our team to start your journey towards achieving complete remission. Please don’t struggle with depressive symptoms on your own. 


Let the expert at Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC help!