PTSD Treatment

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not easy. As the leading statewide service provider, we can help you manage these feelings. We understand how difficult it is to open up to others. We have a professional team of clinicians that are trained in trauma-informed care, and provide quality interventions for those struggling with PTSD. In-person sessions are offered at our physical locations and virtual services are available statewide.

Several techniques are used to help alleviate and overcome PTSD. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is among the effective types of counseling used for PTSD treatment. Pinwheel’s team is trained in multiple evidence-based practices to treat trauma. This includes EMDR, EFT, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, amongst others depending on specific therapists’ specializations.

Here are some modalities for treating PTSD:

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Cognitive Therapy

Many people blame themselves after a traumatizing experience that can’t be changed. Whether it’s a decision you made or something you failed to do, it is important to understand that the traumatic experience you lived through isn’t your fault. Cognitive therapy helps you understand and alter your thoughts regarding trauma and its aftermath. At the end of treatment, you’ll be able to identify thoughts that make you afraid or upset so that you can cope with fear, anger, and/or guilt.

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Mindfulness techniques have been proven to be successful in alleviating PTSD symptoms. Pinwheel has several clinicians training in mindfulness techniques including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Taking space from the internal dialogue, to have more discernment, and work with the stories and truths birthed from traumatic experiences are effective qualities in mindfulness interventions. It also brings awareness to how the mind and body influence each other in order to work with both thoughts and physiological sensations that continue after traumatic events.

When it comes to PTSD treatment, Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC is your go-to service provider. 

Today, reach out to our professional team for top-notch counseling. Let us help you learn the connection between emotions and thoughts and how to PTSD symptoms.

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If you find yourself struggling, you are not alone.

Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC, counseling has a vast network of clinicians to address your therapy needs. Our counselors are qualified and have the tools and techniques to effectively approach a person’s condition while building a meaningful rapport with them. Please get in touch with us today and schedule an initial consultation. It’s time to begin your mental wellness journey the right way!