SOT Program

Program Description.

The Sex Offender Treatment program is designed to meet the needs of offenders referred by representatives of the New Mexico judicial system, i.e. parole and probation officers. It is a minimum of 52-weeks based upon the Good Lives Model curriculum addressing distorted thinking patterns, deviant sexual fantasies, and deviant sexual behaviors. Upon referral, clients proceed through the intake process involving a comprehensive exam, sexual history questionnaire, and treatment planning. Clinical judgment and assessment of risk factors determine contact hours of therapy in individual and group settings. Upon successful program completion, discharge planning assesses client needs along with legal requirements to determine after-care and maintenance services. Throughout the process, monthly progress reporting and continual contact is made with parole and probation officers involved to ensure comprehensive treatment. 

Program Guidelines

Referral Process: 

  • Intake and Enrollment.
  • Treat First Assessment.
  • Comprehensive Assessment – yearly.
  • Initial Risk Assessment – Static-99R.
  • Treatment Planning – every 3 months.
  • Therapy notes for individual and group sessions.
  • Monthly Progress Reports to POs. 
  • Discharge – Treatment Completion Worksheet.
  • Aftercare/Maintenance concerns.

Addressing Criminogenic Needs: 

  • Self-management.
  • Social involvement.
  • Healthy Sexuality.
  • Pro-social attitudes, schemas, and beliefs. 
  • General Criminality.

Addressing Criminogenic Risks:

  • Unstable parenting/family relationships.
  • Inadequate education/employment.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Unstable peer relations.
  • Emotional Instability/poor mental health.
  • Criminal Orientation or thinking.

Treatment Completion: 

  • Effort and active participation in treatment.
  • Ownership of treatment goals. 
  • Attainment of treatments goals

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