Substance Use Disorders

Pinwheel Healing recognizes that recovery is a journey that is personal and may look different for different people.

We acknowledge the need for and facilitate client centered care. This equates to all clinicians being trained in and aware of both abstinence and harm-reduction based interventions.​Pinwheel is certified to provide a wide array of services which lays the foundation for a truly client centered care plan. We are here to support you, where you are at in your recovery. There is no shame or judgment. At the same time our team has the best intentions at heart when working with you on your journey.

Individual Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

Pinwheel employees licensed professionals to work with you individually in addressing issues that impact your ability to recover. The clinical team has a wealth of knowledge and experience specific to recovery. The diverse modalities and practices offered are sure to give you a personalized experience, and the individualized strategies needed on your path to wellness.

Change Your Attitude, Your Thought Patterns, And Your Life!

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Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Pinwheel employees medical staff who are credentialed to prescribe medications specific to treating substance use disorders. This may include Buprenorphine for opioid use disorder, medications for mild-moderate alcohol withdrawals, and smoking cessation. The MAT program is part of a comprehensive treatment plan licensed professionals will assist you with developing to support your recovery. Pinwheel does follow best practice guidelines which includes therapy and other recommended interventions to promote good outcomes.

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Medication Management

Neurobiological imbalances are the root of most if not all mental health disorders. Medications can be key to a life of stability. Research shows a combination of therapy and medication is often most effective for treatment of SED (severe emotional disturbance), SMI (severe mental illness) and/or co-occurring disorders. Pinwheel is here to assist in this process. We have licensed medical staff that have a wide range of expertise to treat these imbalances as well as look at physical health issues that can contribute to symptoms. Our behavioral health staff work closely with our medical team to ensure an integrative approach is taken. Pinwheel is focused on continually building on integrative practices to ensure quality, comprehensive care is given.

Pinwheel Healing Center employs a diverse array of staff with a wide range of expertise. Aftercare groups are on-going and offered as a step down from IOP, or relapse prevention group. A trauma-informed, Seeking Safety group, is currently being run by a certified-peer support worker (CPSW) as well. This is an evidenced-based curriculum that helps people heal from trauma. Weekly groups addressing various areas of healing are offered at different times.

Relapse prevention and aftercare groups add an additional level of care for those who have had minor lapses, need extra support, or those who are looking for a connection to prevent risks related to trauma and substance use as well as learn coping skills, implementation, boundaries, and how to have healthy relationships.

If you find yourself struggling, you are not alone.

Our anxiety treatment can be done in person or online via video chat, but the goal remains: calm your mind, lower your anxiety levels, and overcome your fears. Contact us at Pinwheel Healing Center, LLC, and schedule an appointment with the experts for quality counseling in New Mexico.